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Great Dog Story
Did You Know?
Did you know that the origin of the dog is traced to the wolf. The osteology of the wolf does not differ materially from that of the dog more than that different kinds of dogs differs. The cranium is similar, and they agree in nearly all the other essential points.
The dog and wolf will readily breed with each other, and their progeny, thus obtained, will again mingle with the dog.
The relative length of the intestines is a strong distinctive mark both as to the habits & species of animals. Those of a purely carnivorous nature are much shorter than others who resort entirely to an herbaceous diet, or combine the two modes of sustenance according to circumstances. The dog and wolf have the intestines of the same length. 
There is one circumstance, however, which seems to mark a decided difference between the two animals, and that is in their eyes. The eye of the dog has a circular pupil, while the position or form of the pupil in the wolf is 
There are also differences in the temper and habits of the two.
It should also be remembered that, the habitation of the wolf is confined to certain parts of the globe. On other hand, dogs could be found almost everywhere. The dog is also, generally speaking, easily manageable, but nothing will, in the majority of cases, render the wolf moderately tractable.