Learn How to Avoid Common Dog Training Mistakes

#1 - Saying “HEEL” and snapping the leash to jerk your dog’s collar AT THE SAME TIME! 
This does not teach your dog to heel. It teaches your dog that the word “heel” means they are going to have their collar jerked. This confuses them because they do not know what they have done to deserve having their collar jerked.
#2 - Not differentiating between “Off” and “Down.” 
“Off” means get Off something. “Down” means lie down. So next time you tell your dog “down” to get them off the couch and they lie down and look at you, its because they were told to lie down there! They are confused, not misbehaving. 
#3 - Bending over your dog’s head or getting in his face when giving a command.
This intimidates the dog and the dog may shy away or even react aggressively. Either way, you don’t have a happy dog that wants to work for you. 
Dove's comment on radio-controlled shock collars!
I feel electronic training devices are overused and are nothing but a quick-fix solution. While they give a "correction" (a zap) to deter the dog from doing something and eventually the dog learns not to do that behavior, it is purely negative reinforcement training. 

Where is the positive reinforcement when the dog is behaving? It is far more humane, effective and usually faster, to actually train your dog using a one-on-one human-dog interaction with lots of positive reinforcement for the correct behavior and nothing but a disapproving tone of voice to correct a bad behavior. 

When someone puts an anti-barking collar on a dog and then goes off to work, when does the dog get praised for being quiet? How are they to effectively learn not to bark when there is no one there asking them to be quiet and then praising them when they are quiet? 

These electronic devices also take away from a dog's confidence. After every negative correction, it should be immediately followed with a positive reinforcement on what the right behavior is. Yet all they get is negative, negative, and more negative with these collars. 


The Dove's professional puppy and  dog training series of lessons is an important breakthrough in dog training. All of the information you need to train each behavior is included in each individual training program. The training has be laid out in a way that you can go to that section of the online training to find out how right away, and you don't have to watch or read through any information that you may not need for your dog. Dove's training program is designed for everyone from no previous dog experience to lots of dog experience and it’s all in simple terminology.  ORDER