Dove Cresswell's Dog Tips

Have fun and get creative when training your dog! 
In the training modules I often give a couple of options for training one action. It’s best to try them all and find out what your dog responds best to and what feels most natural and comfortable for you. Having the opportunity to learn dog training from several different sources has also added a flexibility and creativity in my training. I have been asked to train some unusual animals and have dogs do some unusual things for film and television. Sometimes you just have to get creative and try something you think might work. Sometimes you get results, sometimes you don’t. These training modules are designed to take away some of that guess work but I encourage everyone to have fun and get creative when training their dog! 
Keep the dog's interest and your energy level with short sesions!
Ideally training sessions should be short (15-25 minutes MAX) to keep the dog’s interest and keep the energy level up for both the dog and trainer. And doing three ten-minute sessions a day accomplishes a lot more than one half hour long session. I also find many dog training instructors only offer one method of training and they often lack creativity when dealing with dogs that are presenting a training challenge. 
Training should be fun for both you and your dog!
Dog training should be fun! Everything you do with your dog should be fun! And the more training you do with your dog, the more fun you are going to have with your dog, as well, you’ll have a happier, more confident and better behaved dog. 

Unless you are teaching a dog not to do something, absolutely everything should be trained in an upbeat and positive manner. And even when it is necessary to correct a dog in a negative way, you must then immediately show your dog the right behavior and praise it in a positive way. 

So after every negative, we follow with a positive to keep your dog happy and wanting to work for you. And we always end training with a play session! 

Start training your dog as soon as you get it!
Please start training your dog as soon as you get it! Puppies can start training at a very young age (6-8 weeks old). Puppy brains are like sponges just waiting to absorb all kinds of knowledge and training! Just keep it fun and positive!

Dove's comment on radio-controlled shock collars!
I feel electronic training devices are overused and are nothing but a quick-fix solution. While they give a "correction" (a zap) to deter the dog from doing something and eventually the dog learns not to do that behavior, it is purely negative reinforcement training. 

Where is the positive reinforcement when the dog is behaving? It is far more humane, effective and usually faster, to actually train your dog using a one-on-one human-dog interaction with lots of positive reinforcement for the correct behavior and nothing but a disapproving tone of voice to correct a bad behavior. 

When someone puts an anti-barking collar on a dog and then goes off to work, when does the dog get praised for being quiet? How are they to effectively learn not to bark when there is no one there asking them to be quiet and then praising them when they are quiet? 

These electronic devices also take away from a dog's confidence. After every negative correction, it should be immediately followed with a positive reinforcement on what the right behavior is. Yet all they get is negative, negative, and more negative with these collars. 

The Dove's professional puppy and  dog training series of lessons is an important breakthrough in dog training. All of the information you need to train each behavior is included in each individual training program. The training has be laid out in a way that you can go to that section of the online training to find out how right away, and you don't have to watch or read through any information that you may not need for your dog. Dove's training program is designed for everyone from no previous dog experience to lots of dog experience and it’s all in simple terminology. The lessons are designed for everyday life with a dog, not just a formal obedience, competition-style format. ORDER NOW!