Non - Sporting Group

The dog breeds in this group could not be put in any other group. The dog breeds within the group have no unifying characteristic other than great diversity in type, size, and origin. Most of the dogs from this group are generally kept as pets. 

This is a category that kennel clubs created for the breeds of dog that could not be put in one of the other groups. Some of the dogs from this group may have jobs but mostly they are just beloved companions to their owners.

Popular Dogs From This Group

Dalmatians are very popular dogs from this group. Lately, these dogs have been used as companions, or as exhibition dogs. If trained properly they could be excellent gun dogs and they respond well to all other types of training.
Did you know that Dalmatian puppies are always born pure white. The clearer and whiter they are the better they are likely to be. There should not be the shadow of a mark or spot on them. When about a 2 weeks old, however, they generally develop a dark ridge on the belly, and the spots will then begin to show themselves; first about the neck and ears, and afterwards along the back, until at about the sixteenth day the markings are distinct over the body, excepting only the tail, which frequently remains white for a few weeks longer.


American Eskimo Dog
Boston Terrier
Canaan Dog
Chinese Shar Pei
Chow Chow
Finish Spitz
French Bulldog
German Spitz Klein
German Spitz Mittel
Japanese Spitz
Lhasa Apso
Poodle Standard
Poodle Miniature
Shiba Inu
Tibetian Spaniel
Tibetian Terrier