Dogs - Early Zoological Hystory

The very  first  animal of  the domestication of which we have any account, was the sheep. "Abel was a keeper of sheep."

It is difficult to believe that any long time would pass before the dog who now, in every country of the world, is the companion of the shepherd, and the director or guardian of the sheep would be enlisted in the service of man.
In process of time, man began to surround himself with many servants from the animal world, but among them all he had only one friend - the dog. Dog was the only animal whose service was voluntary, and who was susceptible of disinterested affection and gratitude. In every country, and in every time, there was a special connection existed between man and the dog, a very different from that which is observed between him and any other animal.
The ox and the sheep submit to our control, but their affections are principally, if not solely, confined to themselves. They submit to us, but they can rarely be said to love, or even to recognise us, except as connected with the supply of their wants. The horse will share some of our pleasures. He enjoys the chase as much as does his rider; and, when contending for victory on the course, he feels the full influence of emulation. Remembering the pleasure he has experienced with his master, or the daily supply of food from the hand of the groom, he often exhibits evident tokens of recognition; but that is founded on a selfish principle, he neighs that he may be fed, and his affections are easily transferred.
We could take the bridle from the mouth of the horse, and turn him free into the pasture, and he testifies his joy in his partially recovered liberty. We exact from the dog the service that is required of him, and he still follows us. He solicits to be continued as our companion and our friend.